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As a senior teacher I have seen the evolution from the era without to the period with computers and internet. The type of student in the classroom is completely different compared to the student of 25 years ago. Teachers should adapt to the new situation but that is not always the case. In earlier days the transfer of knowledge was a one way direction from teacher to pupil. We live now in a complex world where pupils get input from many more sources than the teacher. Youngsters are embedded in many networks (virtual and non virtual). Schools should prepare pupils for the future by making them competent and skilled so that they can continue the process of lifelong learning after they have left school.

It is important that people build up a network of reliable and useful resources since it is impossible to learn at school everything needed in future life. Know-what must make place for know-where. Learning and knowledge is a matter of give and take. Lifelong learning is a matter of getting connected, of embedding.

Why shouldn’t this count for nowadays teachers? Why shouldn’t they integrate pupils of the schools in their network of knowledge and competences. As far as ICT skills are concerned, pupils can be the perfect tutors (buddies) to teachers.

This is the mission of Teacher Aid: make learning at school a 2-way process. Every school has nerdy pupils. Let them share their knowledge to fellow students … and to teachers.

And this is my experience: everybody wins!

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